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whotop.jpg (13467 bytes)Nic Cooper and Linda Blake of Southern Alpacas Stud and Alpaca Services.

Years of international expertise and knowledge

Breeding alpacas on a purpose-built facility

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We live on the outskirts of Christchurch with our herd of quality alpacas. We're on the Main West Coast Road near West Melton, just 15 minutes from the airport, so we are easy to visit.

There are two of us on the farm, and we have over 45 years of alpaca husbandry experience between us. We bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to caring for our customers and their animals.

Nic was President of the Alpaca and Llama Association of New Zealand from 1996 to 1999, and we have been developing the alpaca industry since in NZ 1989.

We began exporting in 2006 and our alpacas have gone to England, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Taiwan.

We also established an alpaca farm in Villereal in the south of France in 2015, from which we support our European clients and sales. (farm entrance pictured right)

Nic has an eye for a fine alpaca, specializing in alpaca selection and judging. He takes a keen interest in genetics and breeding, and keeps up to date with research into general health and alpaca welfare.Bringing quality genetics into NZ

Linda is an expert in management of the neo nate, and all aspects of alpaca breeding and birthing. She is involved in development of the fibre industry, having written industry manuals and arranged and assisted in industry training.

We are both deeply involved in alpaca genetics and breeding programmes, to maximize getting the best out of each alpaca and its progeny.
Have a look at our championship alpacas.

One of New Zealand's top studs

OUR FOCUSquality

We are primarily a stud farm. Our breeding programme is for quality herd improvement. This means well conformed alpacas, with fine fibre, low guard hair and extreme uniformity, with dense fibre coverage giving greater shear weights. We enjoy the diversity of natural colours in the alpaca, and breed for quality in all colours, rather than any specific colour.

We have two main herds on the farm - our Southern Alpacas with the SNZ herd code and Hemiccoyo with the HEM code recognising our Hemingway and Accoyo genetics.  Successful exports from Southern and our clients are known in Europe, for instance the champion studs Southern Big Foot, Hemiccoyo Matrix, Greenstone Mars, Aquaviva Claudius, Aquaviva Marcus.

We are using solid and proven genetic lines in both the stud male and female side of our herd, as we believe in the proven heritability of good traits as displayed by parents and ancestors, as well as siblings and progeny.

We look for a line back to the "venerable ancestors" of past days in Peru, whether they be Accoyo or Macusani. With our Alpine Fiber's Brutus we have generated out own "venerable ancestor".


To improve the genetics of New Zealand's alpacas, we have imported studs from the well-known Australian Purrembete Peruvian bloodlines now widely accepted as accoyo alpacas from Barreda's stud in Peru, and considered the foundation sires of the Australian industry. Their genetic improvement is proven they endow their progeny with denser fleece, greater shear weight, and finer fibre.

On the female side we have females with strong Accoyo background, proven by show winning performance in USA and Australia.

We imported the first ever alpaca from USA - Alpine Fiber's Brutus. Sired by the legendary Peruvain Macusani Hemingway the icon of the USA industry performing ahead of imported Accoyo males. Brutus' arrival bought proven and tested top USA genetics to NZ.

happy travellersWe have now imported more alpacas from USA, bringing new genetics who are impacting on the NZ herd. Stud male  Patagonia's Maipo is 2005 USA National Black Champion Male.

Since 2006 we have also been exporting, with pregnant females and some males going to the UK and Europe and now Asia. It is exciting to see our genetics having a place internationally.
See our Imports-Exports page for more on our world-wide alpaca business.

Modern, purpose-built, secure facilities


Our farm is dedicated to alpacas with no other stock run in the paddocks. Our facilities include specially designed undercover yards with a raceway to each paddock, and our educational "Alpaca Gallery" with a health care room and a cria care area.
rainbow colours
Our property is irrigated to ensure year round green grass, and hay and alpaca nuts are given as supplements when required.

The alpacas have free access to shelter sheds from all paddocks, all viewed from the house, and with a deer fence perimeter and a person always on site, your alpacas are secure.

We have a secure veterinary cupboard in our health care room, and spin down and store plasma in case of emergencies. An experienced alpaca vet lives nearby.

We have clear herd Tb status under the AANZ voluntary industry scheme (C10 status). We are Johnes free and do not run our alpacas with any other stock.