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Learning with Southern AlpacasWhen you buy alpacas from Southern Alpacas, you get the benefit of our knowledge from our years of experience in working with alpacas — since the first major importation in 1989.

We train and host specialist workshops.

Developing the NZ alpaca industry since 1989 with top genetics, for studs and sales.


We provide superb customer service, with ongoing assistance and support, including a free 0800 phone line and education courses for you to learn about alpacas.

Our expertise is international. Our search for proven, quality, alpaca genetics has taken us around the world, and we have gradually built a herd incorporating the best genetics of three continents.

We can provide practical advice and support.


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Our alpaca gallery displayed alpaca fibre and products, and with seating for 50 and a public address system, it was ideal for alpaca seminars, tour groups, and group visits, to learn about alpacas.

Education events we have held or organised include:
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)information on industry involvement
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)basic and advanced alpaca husbandry
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)nutrition lecture
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)genetics lecture
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)shearing and fibre preparation
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)fibre days for craftsfolk
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)training of alpacas (and their owners !) for haltering, leading, loading and showing
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)neonatal workshops, New Zealand wide
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)alpaca judging courses
a-spotG.gif (833 bytes)farm visits

Education days are now held on farms of other breeders to pass on our experience and support our customers in New Zealand and worldwide.

Courses are held when there is sufficient demand, so email us to log your interest.

On-going learning with organised education days

Tteam training

Specialist Courses from Southern Alpacas Stud






28 October

8.45am to 5.00pm

Neonatal workshop

prior enrolments essential

Minffordd Alpacas Feilding $130
incl GST

 Bookings essential for courses.


Neonatal workshops are for all owners of alpaca and llamas, and vets.

The purpose is to educate alpaca and llama owners (and vets) about alpaca birthing, to minimise death and distress of cria and dams.

 People attending will learn:-

  • to know the signs of birthing
  • to recognise normal births and to have the knowledge and confidence to assist in birthing
  • to recognise dystocias and know when to call the vet
  • to save lives

This course is a mix of theoretical and practical in a one day workshop run from 8.45 am to 5.00pm. 

The morning uses power point, lectures and demonstrations to give the background theory of pregnancy and birthing, and preparations prior to birthing, including list of supplies recommended for a “birthing kit”.  

In the afternoon participants are encouraged to get “hands-in” and practice birthing, using artificial wombs and uteri, and dead cria (thawed from frozen), and artificial placentas. Normal and unusual births are demonstrated and tried.

Participants are supplied with protective apron and gloves, and an informative workbook.


CAMELIDYNAMIC COURSES - handling alpacas

Courses are scheduled throughout New Zealand. Suitable for all alpaca and llama owners.

Learn more about handling alpacas - gaining their trust, moving, haltering, leading.

And learn the health basics - when to do and how to do toenail cutting and inoculations more easily !

This course is well worth doing.

Updated Jan 2019