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alpacas at attention
Nic Cooper and Linda Blake of Southern Alpacas Stud provide:
 - quality alpacas for sale

 - elite award-winning studs
alpaca services in New Zealand
 - international
alpaca and llama exports

Southern Alpacas
sells fine alpaca fibre, alpaca products, and alpacas and llamas worldwide.

Southern Alpacas imports alpacas to NZ  and exports alpacas (and llamas) to Europe and Asia, with our on-farm quarantine facility. 

Southern Alpacas also has a farm in Villereal, France.

Click Youtube to see a TV programme  about Southern Alpacas Stud.

Developing the New Zealand alpaca industry since 1989 with top genetics, for studs and sales.


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Nic Cooper
Nic purchased his first two alpacas when they first came to New Zealand, in 1989. It made an amazing change to his lifestyle !  He moved from town to a rural farm, and became an alpaca breeder. Nic is an experienced judge for alpacas and for alpaca fibre.

With selective importation of top elite genetics, the herd has grown and the constant stream of championship ribbons at Shows, in New Zealand and in Europe, is testimony to Nic's eye for selection of a quality alpaca.

Cheif Big Foot

Linda Blake
Linda is an alpaca neo-natal specialist and one amazing result is Don, an alpaca born by a successful caesarian operation on the farm. He greets all the tour groups, and is already a veteran of stage shows, TV and commercials. He is now one of our wether pets.

Linda is also an adult educator, and education - via the net and practical workshops - features in their service.

Linda. Neo-natal expert.

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Improved top genetics
Nic and Linda work in with their network of customers to continue to improve the quality of the alpacas in New Zealand. And now in Europe and Asia as well.

The investment in top genetics in top stud Alpine Fiber's Brutus, the first alpaca imported from the USA, has shown its worth with progeny winning an amazing number of championships in the show ring. His progeny in Europe are also winning championships at shows.

alpaca services throughout new zealand

 We offer a full range of alpaca services and support throughout urban and rural New Zealand:

alpacas for sale
wethers as pets
elite breeding stock
investment advice
animal husbandry &
farm set-up advice
farm visits
stud services
alpaca fibre
alpaca products
alpaca garments
education workshops
expert assistance
friendly, personal, help
after-sales support
and service

Providing a full range of alpaca services

Southern Alpacas Stud in southern New Zealand provides alpacas for sale and stud services in New Zealand, and now alpacas, their fibre and their products (and llamas) are exported world-wide.

We are happy to help you and assist you in making the right alpaca decision for your circumstance, be it wethers for pets, farming for fibre production, top genetics for breeding the best, fibre animals for handcraft, easy care and great companion animals on your lifestyle or rural block.


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If you've bought your female alpacas from us, and/or are using our genetics with several of our stud males currently,
then you have access to our education pages, especially for our valued customers.  Login here with your password.  (No need for a username.)

Updated for Jan 2019

Nic Cooper and Linda Blake
1621 Main West Coast Road, West Melton, RD1, Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone 0064 3 318-1917 | email

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