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see West Melton

Stud Booklet 0809

Export champions

Nic and Linda keep up-to-date with the latest in alpaca information, by reading widely, being a member of the New Zealand, Australian, British and American alpaca associations, and attending conferences worldwide.

Nic spoke at the International Alpaca Congress in Spain in June 2010. We had a trade stand at the World Alpaca Conference in England 2012.

Our studs are international champions and are producing champions. Some of these studs have been exported and many of their progeny are doing well in show rings in UK and Europe.

  We are proud that in New Zealand  we are breeding champion alpacas and we export top quality alpacas around the world.

We use the best genetic lines, through males proven in the show-rings of USA and Australia, and proven through magnificent offspring already on the ground in these same countries.

In New Zealand our alpacas are champions - and the studs are producing champions.

Now our quality stock are taking championships in UK and Europe. Ask about alpacas available for export.

  We encourage you to send us photos of your champions from our genetics. Here are the latest show pictures we have from overseas.
  Hei Tiki, a daughter of Hemiccoyo Matrix, a male we bred and exported, took Grand Champion female at the show in Austria 2015. Matrix was a champion in himself (see further down this page).

Congratulations to Tabertal Alpacas of Germany. They also took Grand Champion Male
and Best of Show with Gizmo, whose parents are also from New Zealand.



World of Alpacas Show in Buchloe Bavaria November 2014. Pictured are:

A daughter of Aquaviva Claudius (son of Brutus) was best female.

Gizmo (also from NZ alpaca parents) won "Best of show“


   Idefix (son of Hemiccoyo Matrix, who we bred and exported) won Color Champion
 (white, pictured below). Gizmo is next in line, and the gray is sired by Greenstone Mars, (himself sired by
Titus , a champion son of Brutus).



A cria sired by Titus, a champion son of Brutus, took fawn champion at Westerlee Show 22 April 2012 in the Netherlands.



Hapert Show, Netherlands, 24-25 March 2012 had 244 entries.

Aquaviva Claudius was Supreme Champion, Champion Huacaya and Fawn Champion at Hapert Show 2012. Just look at the size of that cup!

Claudius is the full brother to our Titus, first born from Aroma and our ILR Alpine Fiber's Brutus.

Marcus, another full brother, has also done well at shows, and features in our championship photos that follow.


Hapert Show, Netherlands, 24-25 March 2012

Top-Line Commander Magic was Reserve Champion white, in a show that had 90 whites of the 244 entries.

He is sired by our stud Commander and from our NZ Southern Nyx.

Nyx brings the famed Brutus lines through her sire Lennon, a Brutus son from Loretta. Nyx dam is NZ Southern Hera.

  Top-Line Commander Magic
One of the studs we exported, Aquaviva Marcus, a son of our famed champion stud Brutus, took Supreme Champion at the National Dutch Show in 2009. Congratulations go to Top-Line Alpacas  Marcus is pictured here in Holland.



  Marcus's full brother, Aquaviva Claudius, is pictured here taking the reserve championship at the Europe Show 2010 in France.


Marcus and Claudius have other full brothers - Titus is a many times champion in New Zealand. He is pictured on the stud booklet featured above. We imported his dam from Australia, and have mated her to Brutus many times, producing championship alpacas every time.


  Wellground Close Encounter, Champion Intermediate Male from a class of 60 intermediates at Bath and West Royal Show in UK 2008. Born in Britain, he is sired by our stud Encounter, himself an Australian champion.

Close Encounter

  Kia Ora, a cria born in New Zealand from our genetic lines, which we exported. She was best brown at the Dutch National Alpaca Show 2010. She has champion stud Saintly in her family. Since then Kia Ora has won Champion huacaya brown at the Belgium Alpaca Show in 2010.

Kia Ora


  Kia Ora's dam, Kaihiku Saint, won reserve champion fawn at the International Alpaca Show in Hapert in 2011, at seven years old.Kaihiku Saint
  Hemiccoyo Matrix, a male we bred and exported, took Champion and Best of Show at the AAEV German Show in 2010. And now his progeny are taking championships, in 2014 and 2015.

Matrix sire and dam were both NZ Southern Alpacas bred animals, and both have been champions in their time. Hemiccoyo is another of our herds.



Cheif Big FootFor more of our champions, some of whom have been exported, see our champions page.

Champion studs NZ Southern Chief Big Foot (pictured left) and NZ Southern Fleetfoot, are both now at stud in Europe.